Update on the psychic attacks on my person

I have been feeling a little better.

It seems that I am coming out of this nightmare of a period with more gains than one would expect at the end of something this horrible…

For example, after a year of not being able to eat vegetables (they made me sick) I have had three meals of freshly made vegetables this weekend, and I loved it. Theses attacks must have started long before I noticed them… but now that it’s all in the open, now that I can tell who are the people that are attacking, what exactly they are doing, and what is my exact recourse to protect myself, I have times in my day when I actually feel better than before. Not many and not long.

It seems that now we see why energies do not really heal: while the energies are sent, I feel like a dog… the moment the energies stop I feel perfectly well. So it seems that there are going to be no lasting consequences.

Sitting, working on the computer is still difficult, so I spend my time on my back, alternately fighting back, or reading Sherlock Holmes detective stories on my Kindle.

I am reading and re-reading the stories. I am starting the see the difference between the thrill of the first-second reading, much like a one night stand, the rush, and the deep love, deep appreciation of the subsequent readings: most people I know never go to that place with anything or anyone.

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