The Amish Horse Training… key to the silent mind

Yesterday I had a rude awakening.

In a call with a private coaching client the clarity issue came up… After several instruction sessions, he still didn’t understand how to do the Amish Horse Training Method. You could say that I spoke butterfly and he heard caterpillar…

As I have written before, one of the measures of Axiology, the science of value through measurements, obviously heroes of mine…

Clarity. How accurately you see, hear, read…

Most people have low clarity.

I measure your clarity in the vocabulary measure… #10 which is what I find useful.
If your clarity is low, (under 1000) you will not be able to follow instructions. you will not be able to understand what an author said, the way they mean it, the way it is written.
I noticed last night that when I encountered a word in a book, on my kindle, that I only knew approximately what it meant, that unless I went to the dictionary right away, instead of reading what I was reading, the mind hijacked my attention and started to deal with the word, instead of the book, or what I was reading.

This matches my clients’ experience when they listen to me on a call. When they encounter a word they are not sure about, they spin off to a narrative type space (the mind) and stop hearing what I am saying.

Being a teacher, this spells disaster for me and my teaching.
If you can’t follow my teaching, your results, consistent with my teaching, are not forthcoming.

The average understanding of my students! of my teaching is 10% (according to muscle test)
The average understanding of visitors of my site of my teaching is 3%.

It is caused by the lack of accurate vocabulary 100% of the time.

I can’t train your vocabulary, that is your autodidact process. But I can train the Amish Horse Training Method

Without being able to do the Amish Horse Training Method, accurately, the way it was meant to be done, without cutting corners, inside and empowering context, you will NEVER in a million years will be able to reclaim your power from the mind, from the voices, from the memes, from the Dark Side.

It is frustrating to teach people who cannot hear you. You can imagine.
But when I ask the question: is it worth it? The answer is yes. Even if I can only manage to teach one person… and that one person becomes an expanding human being, the practice has proven itself to be accurate, and to work.
And then I can have a choice to add others to that side, or call it a day, and retire or die.

Until then: my work is not finished.
As long as you habitually go to the mind, nothing new can enter.
Your clarity will actually decrease. Any and all course, book, teaching will be misunderstood. And you’ll go deeper and deeper to the place where you have no control over your inner environment meaning, no control of what runs your life, and no control of how you feel.

I have a plan for a solution. It may not work… but you never know until you tested it. That is how it
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