Drinking 8 glasses of Water Makes You Fat? Yes, if it is not coherent energized water!

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day makes you FAT?

Yes, water that is not compatible with your body, that is not coherent, will cause you to put on weight. And the same is true with any food that is not a perfect match to your body.

All foods are toxic… but some your body is used to, through thousands of years of your ancestry developing a tolerance to the toxin in those few foods.

That’s what scientists are saying, and you’ll never guess the reason why. (Hint: It’s NOT water weight they’re talking about)

Don’t pour yourself another glass of water until you’ve watched this alarming video.

A man almost lost his life because he committed this mistake.

In it, you’ll get a full list of other “hidden” weight gainers which are adding several inches to your belly right now.

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