Busy mind?

What creates confidence? Is confidence a skill, a feeling? Neither… it is Stepping out of your mind…

I don’t know if you have ever considered, but having something intelligent to say about anything takes studying and takes intelligent, independent thinking and a lot of experimenting.

Life and the Universe is holographic, which means that in a drop of water the whole ocean is present: studying deeply the drop of water gives you nearly everything you need to know about the ocean.

This is especially true about humans, the human behavior, human feelings, human thoughts.

When I decided to make confidence my next area of study, I didn’t know much about the topic: in fact I knew nothing useful, nothing. I didn’t know that it will lead me back to something I have experience with, that I know I do, that I have been teaching from time to time… that is actually the key ingredient in confidence. Wow… talk about holographic.

But let me return to confidence and what I have learned, so far…

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