Your dance card is full… and your life is empty and meaningless. What will you do?

I woke up drenched in sweat from a dream this morning.

I was in a diner. I shared the table with someone… I took out a credit card to pay. I went to the cash register, and I didn’t have my card… in fact, all my cards and my cash were gone.

Scary, isn’t it? Lots of phone calls… all my accounts were emptied… But eventually I got above the dark cloud, regained my coherence and started thinking: am I doomed forever?

And I saw that I have assets… and I can get back to my computer and write an email, and I have money.

I built my assets for decades… and now they are there.

What about you? What assets have you built? What lasting things have you done?

What can you count to still have value after decades of your life?
One of the most ignored and most useful advice I have ever read comes from Warren Buffet, his 20 slot Rule.

It talks to stock investors, but it can be easily interpreted as an overall advice for a life well lived.

How do you know if you live your life well… is your life is a well lived life?
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