How many people playing the HOE will it take to eliminate negativity from the planet?

One of the major and effective tools to eliminate negativity from your life is the Heaven on Earth… and now, with the release of HOE (Heaven on Earth) Long Range… you can be 200 miles away from your audio source, and still get the effect 24 hours a day.

How does it work?

I have infused the energies of the 40 Bach Flower Remedies into an audio recording. And then I layered it with a powerful horizontal carrier that carries the energy of the Bach Flower Remedies (Bach Flower Energies) as far as 200 miles.

The Bach Flower Energies are homeopathic in nature, they extinguish the feeling or at least weaken them, the feelings that match their energy signature. So the Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy eliminates impatience, the Vine Bach Flower Remedy eliminates forcefulness… and so on.

No matter what emotion comes up, fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, doubt, greed, it will meet its match in the HOE Long Range, and at least gets weakened, at best completely eliminated.


I need your help to figure out how many people would have to buy the HOE Long Range to cover all of the planet and raise the vibration of all the people?

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