The Quiver of Clarity in many many many words…

PS: Here is an email I got from a fellow coach, Terry Dean.
It’s brilliant, and although he never says the word ‘clarity’, the whole article is about clarity. Awareness. And accuracy. Read it. it’s good read.

I also identify with what he says what is his strength as a coach: being able to see what’s missing, and what is amiss… Amiss = not quite right; inappropriate or out of place.

He has a Mentoring Club, where he talks, and the members listen.
I have a coaching program that is daily individual conversations between me and the paying member.
Two different styles of coaching.
The result, alas, depends 100% on the person being coached. On their awareness, on their accuracy, and on their clarity. And, of course on their implementation, aka actions.

OK… here is the email he sent:
Last week I was talking to one of my clients about his long-term business plans.

Where did he want to be 3 years from now?

He saw a multi-million dollar company that was continually growing (he is already coming close to the million dollar mark now).

But he didn’t want to be the manager. Keeping everyone going in the right direction needs to be someone else’s responsibility.

His role would be the mad scientist coming up with discoveries behind the scenes.

Because that’s what he does best.

That’s when he feels most free.

He’s that slightly disheveled guy who’s kept in the back room.

Wouldn’t want him allowed out, or he might scare the ‘normal’ people.

He can’t stand the day-to-day humdrum.

He’s all about testing and tracking… figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Try a totally new mixture. That’s how he creates breakthroughs.

And he’s happiest when he gets to do that without distraction.

My goal is help him get there. It means putting the right team members and systems in place to make it happen.

When you first start a business, pretty much any kind of business, you wear a ton of hats.

You’re in charge of the products, the marketing, the customer service, the planning, and what feels like a million other things.

That’s why you feel so overwhelmed.

It’s too much.

You feel that first measure of freedom though. This is your thing. No longer are you working to make someone else rich.

That initial excitement can carry you through until you gain some momentum.

But you need to discover what your personal gifts are as soon as possible.

Out of all the activities you’re doing, which ones fit your skill set?

There are some things you’ll struggle with. No matter how hard you try to improve, you’ll never be all that great. You need to eliminate, automate, or delegate those activities.

But there are other activities which just seem to come naturally to you.

Not only are you excellent at them, but they also energize you.

They fulfill you.

You’ve probably heard experts talk about how you need to concentrate on $1,000/hour work. Focus on what brings in the money.

But here’s what most
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