Want abundance? Why is it that what you read about abundance isn’t doing a thing for you?

What you find in books, articles about abundance all come from the Dark Side… Please consider that there is a Dark Side. It will explain a lot…

The Dark Side is created by people with their words, with their visualization. Mind stuff. Some people did that with intentional misdirection, others people: too stupid, too unaware, too shallow to even look… just saying and writing second hand bullshit.

While I was working on getting to a world view that is most accurate, I studied, deeply, quite a few disciplines and “modalities”… philosophies. For way more than 10 dark years… lol.

Landmark, Kabbalah (the Kabbalah Centre way), the Healing Codes, Theta Healing, Omega Shakti System, T. Harv Eker, Dianetics, etc. etc. etc.
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