If it is all a process, then every single person needs…

If it is all a process, then every single person needs to create a transformational ladder for themselves.

A transformational ladder is a process with milestones… Step zero, step 1 result 1, step 2 result 2,…. end result.

The map of ascension… Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as many transformational ladders as many processes.

None of them are a straight line when looked back at, and yet, in the planning: all seem to be a straight line.

You do this and then you do that and in the end you’ll be a millionaire… That is how it looks on paper…

If it were that simple and easy we would all be millionaires… and it would be boring.

Just look at school… same ladder, different end results. Some become professionals, others become taxi drivers… Not that there is anything wrong with being a taxi driver… but I bet most people would like to be higher on the food chain.

In this article I’ll look what makes any transformational ladder produce different results to different people… and how you can become someone for whom it is a useful blueprint.

One more thing about the ladder: why do I call it transformational ladder?

Because the most important thing of any process is to make you a bigger, better person. It is not what you achieve outside, but who you need to become to achieve that that matters most in life. And that is what is called transformation: the who you are becoming.

I read today’s Monday Morning Memo about playing the game as broken field running, where the only thing that remains is the obstacles and the goal line.

The expression ‘broken field running’ is from American football… where the person who has the ball simply takes it to the goal line, or whatever it is called in football, despite of all the defense players efforts of the other team.

But unless you have a ‘transformational ladder’, let’s call it that for now, you won’t ever get to that broken field running phase.

When I look at my students, clients, what is the most missing is this vision.

They may have some end result in mind, but it is not clear, not clearly defined…

And they have a delusional starting point.

They look in their minds to see where they are at… and not in reality.

In the clarity process that I learned from Tom Beal, your most important players are where you are at and where you would like to be.

They are the players in the game of life that will tell you what your one thing is… The one thing that will make everything else either not necessary or much easier.

The one thing that can 10x your life.

Yesterday in an ad hoc webinar we dabbled in the one thing for a while…

If we look again at American football, the player running with the ball has a one thing… or he will have his attention divided, and lose the ball.

When I am looking at myself through that metaphor, or analogy, or whatever you call this, I see that what is my organizing principle, my one thing is avoiding
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