Source. The Light. Are you connected? Can you connect? What happens when you connect?

Are you connected? Can you connect? What happens when you connect?

I don’t know if I have ever shared on this blog the sequence of events that lead to me connecting to what I call “Source?”

It began in 1983.

I was in Israel. I moved there is 1982. I hoped that my life would change for the better, but alas, it did not.

I spent most of my life depressed, on medication, in therapy, miserable. Intermittently it interfered even with my professional life: I had to take weeks of when I was especially depressed.

I was an architect, by the way.

One night I was driving home from some trip past the Old City of Jerusalem, and I had the good idea to stop and visit the Western Wall, the wall where it is said, you are closest to God.

It was about 3 am, and there was only one Hassid, an ultra religious Jew praying in front of the wall. I sat down about 30 maybe 40 feet from the wall, and just sat there. I looked up and asked: if there is anything there, please make me feel you.

With that I suddenly felt a connection and a two-way channel opening up. No words, no sounds, just a slight pressure in the back of my head and on the top of the head, what we now lovingly call The Tangerine Spot.

It lasted for about a minute, then I needed to pay attention to the praying man: he was yelling real loud.

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