How to get smarter with the same brain you had yesterday… Or dumber… this is the direction most people go

I wrote this article on Thursday… two days ago. I just didn’t want to jam up your pipes…

Lots of people are looking for some remedy, some solution for low IQ. Interestingly most of them are from developing countries. Mainly from Asia.

But occasionally Westerners notice, also, that they are not very smart, that they cannot think well. Same IQ, different experience.

But let’s consider that you are just foggy… that you are less smart than your usual self… what is going on?

Your brain turns slower, it misses stuff… and your results are less than pristine. You don’t see, you don’t hear, you are in a fog, or maybe molasses.

This happens to me too, but unless I am challenged, it is hard to notice. You notice that your brain is off only when you really need it.
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