It may be true that the key to the kingdom is gratitude and appreciation, but just like humility, gratitude is rare

There is pretense gratitude… just like there is pretense humility. Ultimately your actions tell the real story.
I have been having shorter or longer conversations with people who ask for their Starting Point Measurements.

It’s, as it is usual with me, an experiment. I ask for my time at $200-$250 an hour, and I give away 3-4 hours a week in strategy sessions. I am starting to feel the tiredness… in fact this morning I woke up exhausted.

For most people time is just time… not any currency… but for me it is the most valuable non-renewable resource. It is not just time, it is all I have… And it is hard on my brain, hard on my body, hard on my nervous system as I am giving all I have to a client.

Normally, when I talk to someone, they politely thank me for my time. Each time I get a stab of pain, sadness, when someone thanks me for my time.
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