What gives you juice in life? what could give you juice in life? What is your unique way you can enter the flow, the zone at a moment’s notice?

Juiced vs. Driven (Juiced here means: turned on, excited, alive)
The most difficult attitude to take on or even comprehend is “desire to receive for the sake of sharing”. The opposite of that is “desire to receive for the self alone”.

Why is it so hard? Because… I actually don’t know…

I’ll kick it around in this article, and let’s say if I can say anything that resonates. With you.

Why wouldn’t? Well, it hasn’t. Not with you, and not with others.

If you are new to my articles: my self-assigned job is to ferret out, test out, experiment out what would take humans back to the evolutionary path they abandoned about 30 thousand years ago. They went deep into the current level of “homo sapiens” you could also call: the man who lives in the cave of their mind.

The alternative was to become human being, but that hasn’t happened, and cannot happen through the mind.

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