If Context Is More Important Than The Action… Then What’s Your Context That You Are Not Succeeding? That You Are Not Happy?

In today’s free webinar we’ll do an exercise to examine what’s your context in an area of life that is not working, where you are not as successful as you would like to.

It will be in a workshop format, so you will end up not only with some information, but an insight that can lead to transformation.

Beware, transformation is when you act on the insight.

For example, if you realize that when you hate someone, when you are angry and vengeful, you eat the poison that you mean for them, and you suffer not them. You are punishing yourself for something someone else did… then unless you turn it around and stop eating the poison, then you had only an insight but not a transformation.

For every transformation that happens for a human being, they often see thousands of insights.

Although the name of the activator “Serenity Activator” doesn’t seem to connect, this activator is the key to turning insights into transformations.

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