The Path To Abundance… Much like an obstacle course…

In this series of articles I’d like to share how the Abundance Activator is changing my life

But instead of starting at the end, or even in the middle, first, let me give you a brief history on the activators.

Last year, during a Connecting to Source webinar session, we, my students and I, experienced a tremendous vertical beam of Light Energy, wide and strong, and a horizontal sheet of energy broadcast… unlike ever before. It was the most magnificent experience I had ever experienced.

The state was steady and totally blissful. I could sustain it for about 6 minutes, then it became so strong, that I felt that any minute I was going to disappear into the Light… and the thought: “I am not done here,” brought me back.

Since then I have been able to connect that way at will, though each time I need to sit, deal with the fear that “this time I am not going to able to connect…”, pull all my power within to be calm and centered enough to connect on that level.

I lovingly call the state of being connected this vertical and horizontal way the Avatar State.

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