What is spirituality? What is the spiritual dimension of reality?

I had a lovely person yesterday on my strategy call. The call was fun with a lot of real laughter, until the topic of spirituality came up. Then it became hellishly painful.

The issue is: what is spirituality? How you view spirituality will have a lot (maybe everything!) to do with everything you do in life, and ultimately will determine to what degree you’ll become all you can become.

Free to be yourself.
Free to pursue what excites you.
Free to be with people.
Ultimately what is available to you in life will depend an awful lot on how you view spirituality.

To recover from the call, I listened to a podcast, an interview with marketing teacher, Eben Pagan.

During the call I measured Eben Pagan’s vibration, vibration 300, and I measured the vibration of the interviewer, Michael Simmons. Vibration 170.

Their conversation made me see more than I had seen before, what vibration actually measures.

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