Whatever works… Or how to go from surviving life to real living by expanding your horizons to the big picture

You can’t argue with results… yet, we (you and I) catch ourselves not ever looking at the results, instead we look at something else…

When I poke into what that is, invariably I find that we pass a systemic judgment on some step in the process towards success, and that derails us from success.

What is a systemic judgment? It is one of the ways we look at value. It is a two-prong approach to life, a specific filter through which only the cultural aspects of a value show up, good or bad, useful or useless, black or white, moral or immoral, right or wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether we look at ourselves, at other people or things… we seem to be stuck on this low-level of systemic judgment, and no success, no nurturing, no love, no appreciation, no fulfillment. Those live on the intrinsic level. Also no money, no results… and those live on the extrinsic level.

Extrinsic deals with the world, and specifically the exchange between people. When you live in the world with people, if your well-being, and survival, the quality of life depends on people, and that is everyone, then it is silly to look at values through the systemic lens: it will be both misleading and irrelevant.

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