Are dogs happy? Are cats happy? Are humans happy?

I woke up this morning. Felt a sore throat. I started to get dressed. Put on my socks, my thick padded pants, and… went back to bed.

I slept a little, pondered a little during that hour.

I am reading a book by Neal Stephenson (Termination Shock) that is dealing with global warming. It is a tome… 720 pages. Very interesting, albeit nothing much is happening, at least not as far as I have read, 75%.

But Neal Stephenson always takes you for a sweeping view of life and I am happy to go where he takes me.

So I asked the question:
Is he happy? And Source said through my fingers… No. Boggles the mind.
He writes exactly like another author I read everything from. He, for example published about the same amount of pages, but in many books, The title of the first book is Sick… The whole series: spectacular.

One author is not happy, the other one is… Brett Battles is happy. I link to a video of him sharing his journey as a writer… Watch it to see if you can see how and why he is happy. And above I link to an interview with Neal Stephenson… compare the two men. Do this after you read this article… again, and see if you see what I see. Please. for your own sake.

Most people are not happy, 8 billion. And a 1000 are happy.

What is the difference between them? Wouldn’t you want to know?

I am one of the happy ones…

Are dogs happy? They certainly feel happy? Yes, says Source.

How about cats? Are they happy? No.

I can see that too. They always go and try to do their own thing, ignoring the world… They don’t feel happy. They feel that they put up with a bunch of fools… incompetents, because they don’t have a thumb and can’t open the little tins with the food.

At least that is what I felt from my cats when I had cats.
So what is the secret?
It is simple, and it is on many memes:

Interestingly, 99.99% of memes say the opposite…

Here is what Charlie Munger has to say:
The secret to happiness is to lower your expectations. …that is what you compare your experience with. If your expectations and standards are very high and only allow yourself to be happy when things are exquisite, you’ll never be happy and grateful.
There will always be some flaw. But compare your experience with lower expectations, especially something not as good, and you’ll find much in your experience of the world to love, cherish and enjoy, every single moment. ~ Charlie Munger
Charlie Munger is one of the 1000 happy people.
There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations.” ~ — Jodi Picoult
Jodi Picoult is one of the eight billion. Not happy.
When you want to ‘improve’ your reality, it means it is WRONG.
It is not what it is. No. It is wrong, needing fixing, improving, or it remains wrong.

Charlie Munger accepts things as they are, neither wrong, nor right, and some of them he can even love. enjoy, cherish.

Much like a dog. It doesn’t particularly like to behave the way you want hi
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