Comparing: The Binary, The Pendulum, The Tedium, The Lifeless Life… PRISON BREAK!

Do you work on your mind to make it better? You are making the bars of your prison shinier…
One of the activities of the mind  that takes you out of the present is comparing. If you are new here, you probably think that I am talking about your brain… but the mind is only a limited function of the brain, the brain is like the world, and the mind is like a room in your house… much smaller, and totally insulated from the world.

In this article, we are going to examine the mind’s behavior that is much like the behavior of a pendulum.

Remember, the more you are able to be out of the mind and in the present, the more intelligent you are able to be… I hope that looks like a value, like a virtue you could go for… And if it does, keep on reading this article.

The 2-year old article I republished yesterday, started talking about the mind-activity: comparing. It dealt with your judgments about people. You judge what they do compared to your standards and ideals about what people should be doing.

Unfortunately, or thankfully, you can’t live up to your own standards and ideals, so you judge yourself too.


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