Do you need passion to love your work? Purpose? the right work? What is the truth about that?

One of my ex-students sent me an email today. He is an ex-student, because I could not get him to achieve any results whatsoever.

But he has sent me valuable information before, so I read the email.

He sent me to a short video about Cal Newport’s book: Be so good they can’t ignore you.

I watched it. It was good. 30% truth value. Same as the book. 30% truth value is exceptional… but…

It is a topic that is in the forefront of most people’s mind: how to have the eight plus hours of work, the activity that provides you with enough money to live on, enjoyable. Not drudgery. Not feeling like a tool, feeling like a slave. Not something you have to do, but something you get to do. Not something that after that you can have your own life… something you are deprived of for eight whole hours.

Thousands of books are written to these people… and all of them are low truth value.

When something is only 30% truth value, you can be sure it won’t work unless you find the missing truth.
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