Don’t judge a book by its cover

Quoting from Rob Brezsny:
In the nights to come, I expect you will dream of creatures like fiery monsters, robot warriors, extraterrestrial ghosts, and zombie vampires. But here’s the weird twist: They will be your helpers and friends. They will protect you and fight on your behalf as you defeat your real enemies, who are smiling pretenders wearing white hats. Dreams like this will prepare you well for events in your waking life, where you will get the chance to gain an advantage over fake nice guys who have hurt you or thwarted you.

I am a rough and tumble Hungarian/Israeli/New Yorker.

Most people, especially in the South, California, Canada, and Australia, people think I am a little too rough, to straight forward, bordering on rude and arrogant.

I am your fiery monster from the above quote. I fight on your side, I fight on your behalf.

Your real enemies are the white robed, white hat donning, smiling pretenders.

How do you know I am honest? You don’t. How do you know I am telling the truth? You don’t.

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