Why you cannot spin plates… why your life is like an obstacle course… ups and downs…

Roller coasters are fun, exciting, and you can scream all you want… But when your whole life is a roller coaster, 24/7, that is not fun. That is exhausting.

I used to feel like my life was a roller coaster. Like people, emotions (my reactions to people, events, tasks) were jerking me left and jerking me right.

I hated the experience. I like smooth. I like to feel in control of my life and my inner state.

But nothing I knew could do that for me, smooth out my ride… nothing. … and believe me, I tried.

I took courses. I learned to use energies. I exercised. Nothing seemed to eliminate the roller coaster… until… until a few months ago. The ride was getting smoother… but life was still jerking me.
In this article I’ll teach you what’s going on in the invisible, that life is like that… and what to do about it.
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