There are two ways to hear anything Part 2. What was said and what you heard…

I have been observing people’s behavior in seminars, coaching calls, and even one-on-one conversations.

They are rarely hearing what you are saying.

Do what do they do?

1. they get hooked on something you said, and now they are in their minds, having a totally different conversation… a conversation wholly independent from what you are talking about.
2. they are arguing with you in their heads… don’t agree, don’t like, don’t own.
3. they have checked out… they are as good as asleep.

I have seen this third one in various courses and seminars.

When the topic goes to something that is unconfrontable, difficult, would take courage or intelligence to follow… something that is contrary to their world-view… people check out. They may fall asleep… especially men.
These is the main reason why I rarely offer one-on-one talk type coaching:…

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