Commitment and consistency

Note: most of my articles are my inquiry to concerns or issues my readers have and share with me. I do the work, often through articles, or personal conversations, and then, when I am ready, I create an Avatar State audio, so it can be useful.
I don’t believe that my articles are any useful without the energetic support of the Avatar State audio/activator, because where you read from where you listen from is enemy territory: your mind.

On the other hand, combined with the audios, you can start hearing with your intelligence, and start doing the work. This is how I get my work done with you, reliably… not just mind stuff, not just understanding, but actual transformation.

Many people have a difficult time committing, let alone pursue their commitment persistently.

Let’s examine what’s there, so we can actually address that issue, and pull it up like a weed, so even these people can have a great life.

Commitment: what is it?

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