How to use what I teach to become all you can become… A roadmap…

I have given people driving directions in the ancient times where there was no gps and you could not google direction.

How did I do it? I drove the path several times, and took notes: what you see when you need to turn, what you see when you are still on the path, what you see when you went too far.

Looking back, decades later, and I see that this was training, preparation for what I am going to do in this article… give you “driving” directions to how to travel the path from where you are to where I am pointing you.

If that is where you wanted to get to, my directions are good. If that is not where you wanted to get to: you are reading the wrong articles.

The direction I am taking you is towards a destination where “One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”… or more precisely a “new way of seeing things.”
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