What is the Self? Part 3: What happens when you find your self? Or after…

What is the self? This question comes up again and again. Is it the same as the ego? Is it the same as soul? Is it this, is it that?

I have been asking this question as well. We didn’t come to this world to know self, and definitely weren’t allowed to get to know self.

The moment, in the cradle, you discovered that when you smiled adults got excited and gave you more attention, your corruption, the corruption of the untarnished, unspoiled self began.

The personality that you now honor as your self is on the circumference of your being. The circumference is rich in adjectives, adverbs, and poor in being.

You say I am this, and I am that, and I have to maintain this and that… or sometimes you say “being this” or “being that.”

The moment there is a word after the word “being” we are moving away from Self.

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