How to turn yourself from a guppy into a majestic dolphin?

Trying to be funny? This is one of my sore spots watching movies or interacting with people in life…

I hate people when they are trying… trying to please me, trying to prove that they love me, trying to prove that they are already OK… They are trying my patience!
Rant finished… but I do want to talk about trying… forcing… about the smell of sweat and about the inauthenticity of it all.
You resort to trying because you are a twitchy little bastard. Because you want immediate gratification, but nothing worth having is going to give it to you, so you are covering up the fact that you don’t want what is worth having…

You don’t want to do what you CAN do now towards that which is worth having, because you only want to do what you WANT to do. what gives you immediate gratification.

And you refuse to be where you are, work with what you have, do what you can do to get to where you can, ultimately do what you want to do, be, or have.

And thus you give feeble and ineffective attempts. Or maybe just say you did?
I have had a number of conversations over the weekend that revealed a number of examples of this… trying.
All trying is misdirected in a way. What way? In the racket’s way.

What do I mean?
Here is what the rackets want you to do:
It gives you goals that are short term, useless, and it will pretend that they are your most important goals in life.

The goal is to prove that you can’t, that you are a victim, that you can never amount to much… and none of it is your fault. After all how could you when the bastards did whatever they did.You’ll feel bad, mope, play dead, all to prove that you definitely cannot do what there is to do.
Or it becomes your goal to look good, even though you haven’t done a darn thing, or not really. You are avoiding doing the things that ultimately would be the ‘darn things’ that earn you what you really want.
The goal becomes to to win at every step… every sentence… never to allow another person to win, even for a moment. So you jump and protest and justify and explain and force…You consider every person your opponent, your enemy and YOU.WILL.WIN! at all cost…
Your goal becomes to dominate the sh!t out of the conversation, to dominate the person, to twist their arm, and if that doesn’t work, resist resist resist… You force so much that if possible, you don’t even take any breaths while you do that. Yeah, that will take you to what you want… of course… who could doubt it?!
Or alternately your goal is to justify why you don’t want to do or can’t do what there is to do. To explain. To dominate.
Your goal is to remain an effect, never the cause, never to be on the hook, never to own life… to be like a dry leaf in the wind, so no one can call you to account.

Yeah, that is what the racket does…
The Monday Morning Memo is where the expression Twitchy Little Bastard came from. Ray Williams is an ad writer, and as such a businessman. And he draws the
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