Energetic Truth: ‘Trying’ Makes You Unsuccessful

Trying: the energetic truth why ‘trying’ backfires…

‘Trying’ is one of those words that have multiple meanings so you don’t catch that you are actually avoiding something.

Example: Trying something in a clothing store: you actually put it on and look and feel how it fits you.

But almost everywhere else trying means that you are not doing it, not putting it on, not attempting it, you are just giving it lip service.

There are all kinds of slogans, which, although they point in the right direction, use an invalid and untrue justification why you should follow them.

Let’s do an experiment: try to touch your nose. If you touched your nose, you didn’t understand the instructions. I didn’t say ‘touch your nose.’ I said TRY to touch your nose. Trying is NOT doing. Someone who is trying to do something behaves in one of two ways, neither of which is effective:

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