How did you end up in the quadrant of Beauty, Truth, Goodness, or Power?

How? You choose it… and you choose it by your early life experience.

Of course, it is not what happens to you, but what you say about is, is what is your life experience. And it is influenced by your intangible capacities, even at that early age.

Let’s see an example or comparing two similar incidents, with two different choices.

Little boy wants to go left in the street, parents want to go home, which is straight… parents go straight, little boy is left on the corner.
Little girl goes too slow for mother’s taste, or maybe she is running late. But the mother decides to go ahead at her own pace, and leaves the little girl in the street.

Obviously both kids were picked up and taken home.

The boy said: there is no truth. I have no power. I have to manipulate them better… I will choose beauty.
The girl said: I am heavy, I am worthless… I choose goodness. I don’t need to be carried. I’ll go it alone if I must.

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