On Love, your work in life, on being guided, and trust. Quite personal…

Being guided by the soul is the most unsettling way of being guided.

You don’t know why you are guided where you are guided, what you are supposed to learn, so you learn what you can, and trust.

Trust is my soul correction, so it is more challenging to me than most anything. Not knowing is hard for me. I need to know. The context, the “to what end” missing is hard for me.

But I don’t mind hard. After all if you don’t trust that your soul correction is your work, then what are you going to trust?

Many people believe in some deity, some higher power, so they can just wonder through, bumble through life, unconsciously, because they hope that they will be always saved.

But when you only believe in yourself, when it is only you you can count on, when you know that mother/father/god isn’t coming to save the day, then you need to make some hard decisions, and decide what is important to you in life, and what isn’t.

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