Morality, morals, conduct befitting a high vibration person

Morality, morals, conduct befitting a high vibration person

People can’t hear what you say, ever. They “hear” what they think you are saying. What you said went through a set of filters, stuff was taken away, stuff was added.

I, sometimes, get a comment here and there, that reflect it more than others. Mikolaj’s comment is an example: “She’s married and a mother right now, no hiding there, as far as I know. Why the ‘before’?”

The article she is commenting on is my second review of Teal Scott Bosworth. I revisited her, and found, for the second time, that her life-story that explains how come she is an indigo child, is a fabrication.

Now, she may be an indigo child, Source doesn’t seem to know about indigo children, so there you have it.

She may have special abilities that don’t show up for me, but what she doesn’t seem to have is the ability and the results she promises.

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