Turning points: You are not really stuck where you are.

As I promised, I am continuing the discussion about powerlessness… the sense, the feeling, the belief of powerlessness.

This sudden awareness was helped along by Alex Hormozi’s video the other day. He talks, no, he rails against what makes you weak and fragile.

Watch it and learn. Get knocked conscious of what you are doing to yourself!

You may want to listen to it with slower speed… Alex talks really fast!

Now you see why I am in love with Alex… I want to be like him when I grow up! lol.

You speak and you are unaware that
every moment, with every word you are creating yourself, and who you are, for yourself.
In this overwhelming sense of powerlessness you feel that the only power you have is forcing**. Without that, you feel that you are powerless.

I am paying attention to the words you use. The weak, ineffective students use self-deprecating words about themselves as FACTS, not tendencies.

The somewhat more effective students use less of those…

So I observe myself and my words, spoken, written, or the words I say to myself..

I have come a long way. My behavior has changed… My speaking has changed, even the words I say to myself have changed!

It is all about personal power… I declared myself powerless at some point. I was reacting to an incident where I had no physical power. That was the foundation, the cornerstone of my being for decades, and still would be without doing this work.

I was overpowered by a grown man. A little girl, three years old going on four. I still bear the consequences of that… but by now only the physical ones.

My reaction to the pain was that I went unconscious… Even today I feel the pull to go unconscious, to check out when the going gets so tough that it looks hopeless.
But today, instead…
…I stop for a little bit… slowly and gently (no forcing!) I breathe. I allow the hopelessness some space to be. Emotionless I watch it. And when it calms down a bit I look what it is I can say in the matter.

With enough practice I can tell, without seeing how, that the hopeless situation is more often than not is not hopeless.

So I wait, PATIENTLY, and look with FRESH EYES.

What I say in the matter of hopelessness, it is the end, it is over, what I say: ‘we shall see. It isn’t hopeless until I say it is. And then it is time to start over, but not until then.’

By the way, my knee jerk reaction is still ‘f… this… I screwed up’ or ‘it’s hopeless’. But today, more often than not, I just sit there, or get a cup of tea, or go to the bathroom, giving myself some time to chill… Not acting on that ‘it’s over’ feeling has been the secret of many of my accomplishments.

Or the secret of my productivity. Or of my happiness.

The biggest regrets you’ll have on your deathbed are the things you didn’t do…
You did something else
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