What would Sophie say? What would Sophie Do?

If this goes way over you head… don’t worry. You can’t see what you can’t see. Your vibration is probably lower than the threshold of seeing this phenomenon.

I had a call with a client today. He shared that our conversations stay in his head a lot.

And while it is flattering to echo in someone’s head, I think there is a more useful way to “use” me.

When you try to remember what i said about this or that, where you are going is your “vault”, your cave, your mind… and that is the place you want to stay out of as much as you can.

Why? because life is playing out outside of the mind, and you cannot possibly be astute, appropriate, and responsive in the mind… where only the memory, the echo of what is real lives.

I have had many coaching clients over the years: remember I’ve been doing this forever… lol…

Ultimately all of them reported that they had me with them… but the question THEY asked, the question I find very useful: “What would Sophie Do? What would Sophie say?” meaning in a situation.
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