Addicted to anxiety, anger, shame, grief, fear, anguish? Here is your remedy…

I am sitting here. My insides are in turbulence. My shoulders are stiff. I am playing Freecell, which is a computer card game, if you didn’t know.

I suddenly have a doubt flash through my being: do I feel tense or tenser because of playing this game? I muscle test it. The answer is a strong Yes.

And this is what this article is about: how you are used to go a level of tension, to a level of anxiety, a level of trepidation, and then you’ll find a way to adjust your environment to raise your anxiety level to the level you are addicted to.

In my case, this is definitely so, but there is another aspect, and I ask my empaths and sensitives, to please listen up: when you are feeling anxiety that you have no reason to feel: you’ll create a reason for it.

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