Why no one gets ‘choice’ in the Landmark Forum

It seems everything is a learning curve. Or a ramp-up curve.
In a world where people resist learning anything, the ones that don’t resist are winners. Maybe even THE winners.

One of the things I notice is that when I sign up to a program, or buy a book, an equipment I am excited. Until I get what I paid for. Then I am scared. Hesitant. Now comes the moment of truth.

It’s the 7 in my numerology, I think, trust. Trust in myself, mainly.

I don’t think the issue is limited to 7… Everyone has their own ‘reason’ to not pursue what they thought they wanted. 5’s, for example may have a weak ability to hold a vision of the future…

Whatever is standing between you consistently pursuing what you said you wanted is the most important thing, maybe even the one-thing that you should never forget to attend to.
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