Abundance: finally I figured out how to teach you!

I have been promising for months to come out with an abundance product of my own. But, as you already know, I am not into repeating what other people have said, and I did not have enough data, enough personal experience to teach anything useful to you.

I have been experiencing abundance for quite some time, and one-sentence in an Osho book, I got into complete and irrevocable abundance. But most of it was unconscious, I failed to witness the process, and therefore there was nothing I could have taught then.

But today I had a sudden flash of insight: you can’t teach the mindset, you can only teach what to remove…

Just like in most any issue that plagues a human being, the only effective and non-symptomatic approach is to remove what is unnaturally there, so one can return to the natural state of a human, which is health, joy, and abundance.

And because what’s been happening in the past ten days, I am starting to see what I am going through, and therefore I am starting to see what I can teach.

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