The door is open… but you resist going through it

The door is open… but you resist going through it. From darkness to light, from doubts to certainty, from flailing to being grounded and flying.

What door? The door that leads to everything you ever wanted for yourself. Feeling good, having joy, loving yourself and the people in your life, loving life… Success, fulfillment, health… everything.

We are all, in some ways, feel less than what we want to accomplish. We lack something… and that is where you are different from most everybody else… what you do when you think, see, experience that you lack something.

A skill, the understanding, the knowledge, the desire, the ambition… or the mojo… or suddenly we don’t want to.

Although we all look like we should be similar, reacting similarly, it turns out that we all react different.

Many factors, your soul correction, your upbringing, your education, the books you read or don’t read, the culture you live in.

So it should be obvious that one size doesn’t fit.

If you want to be happy, if you want to be fulfilled, feel good about yourself, it is mandatory to know how to handle, how to push through the stops that your ‘I am not enough’ or ‘I don’t wanna’ create. Or the I don’t wanna…
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