Will my work, like others’, survive my death? Immortality?

Immortality? Yeah… even before you die…
I have been listening to a lot of audios from Werner Erhard, the founder of the est training (Erhard Seminar Training). Some are as old as 30 years… 40 years… old. Keeping the person who speaks in the foreground of some people’s minds.

The question, as usual, is what is the truth value, is the person who is speaking able to do what they are saying to do, etc? Because it is one thing to be the millionth person to listen to a talk, and quite another being the first person who can see that the emperor is naked.

Often I am hesitant to say it. Often I am dismayed to say it. But somebody has to say it for evolution to happen… instead of pretending that it has happened already.
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