Who is Speaking? or how to find your own voice. Find your Self

We all want to find out who we are, so we can be true to ourselves… but who we are is not who we are at all… it’s all the people that taught us, teachers, parents, Facebook, etc… But you can start distinguishing the “not you” and what you will be left with is the you that you have been looking for.

Most of us are like a Frankenstein monster, built from the ideas of people around us.

Everything that happens to us, every decision that we try to make happens against that backdrop, our false self, our fake self.

Everything that we ever said yes to, and everything that we ever resisted becomes this backdrop, like the truth. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves continents away from where we should be, both emotionally, and every one way.

We do what we do to defy or to make right the voices that shaped us into a Frankenstein monster.

Here is an excerpt from one of Osho’s talks. What he calls meditation, I call awakening. You are sleepwalking, in a daze, in a cloud of fog… It’s time to find yourself. By the way, that is what we do in my Soul Correction Workshop. Last week we set out to find our own feelings, next we’ll set out to find our own voice.

It may take weeks, and you can start any time. Read this Osho piece. You can go it alone, or you can go it supervised, and supported. Your choice.

Finding Your Own Voice
“If you choose according to your own inclination, according to your own intuition…[the inner voice] is very strong in children but, slowly slowly, becomes weaker. The voices of the parents and the teachers, the society and the priest, become louder and louder. Now if you want to find out what is your voice, you will have to pass through a crowd of noises.

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