Commitment comes from the soul. What are you committed to?

Committed? Commitment? What are we talking about?

I was in the Wisdom Course some 20 years ago. The leader asked us to open a new page in our notebook, and draw a vertical line in the middle, separating the page into two columns.

In the left column, he said, write down what you are committed to.
In the right column write down the actions you take regularly in those commitments.
If the right side doesn’t match the left side, cross out the left side. Left side is all talk… right side is reality
The exercise ended in him saying: you are not committed to any of the things you say you are committed to.

I see that in my practice, and honestly, I even see this in my own life… even though I should know better.

Whaat? Yeah… even me.

So let’s talk about commitment, and let’s first redefine it so it is not just talk, that it’s real.
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