How Can You Improve Your Life? Like Really Improve

A student of mine just emailed this morning: “I just heard the most marvelous bit of wisdom from Joan Rivers, of all people. Talking about life she said,
“I wish I could tell you that life gets better… but it doesn’t get better. YOU get better.”
Life is life, people are people.

An empath student of mine wrote to me today:
Sophie I felt an energy shift yesterday,experienced way less anxiety and after the call last night felt good my mood was happy. I have not felt that in months

Now I woke up this am with tons of anxiety, my stomach in a knot

this is the roller coaster. I desire balance and not these huge sways
This is what I answered: you will never have 100% smooth ride because you are an empath. I bet the emotions weren’t yours.

This whole “getting better” expression is imprecise though. I have written in other articles, and I’ll write it until people get it: my programs raise your vibration. And a higher vibration is like…

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