Why can the 1% do what you can’t do? And how could you?

In my site’s statistics, it is readily apparent that 70% of all visitors to my site are brand new, and have never visited before. They come from some old article, and have no idea about the scope of the work that is delivered here.

Most of the visitors are interested in finding out their eating style… The second biggest group is interested in the law of attraction as far as getting money, attracting money goes.

And the third highest number are people who think they are already enlightened…

Maybe two people a week are interested in what I am really doing: using energy to transform misery to productivity and fulfillment… Turn 99 percenters into 1 percenters.

Only a few people refer their friends or their family to me, because what happens to them is not flashy. Starting out being miserable like everyone else but pretending to be happy, thinking yourself worthless, not OK, not measuring up, going to finally getting things done, paying attention to what is important, etc. is not flashy: most people cannot see the difference.
You really cannot see what you cannot distinguish.
Losing 30 lbs? Yeah, very visible. Having a pile of money? Very visible. No need to see how, and why, and what it took… By the way.

This article will, through three clients’ recent email, show you what happens that unless you can see it, you can’t see it. All the results happen from clients starting to see what they could not see before.
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