Self-reflection through books, movies

This is a very personal, very self-reflective post, I am not trying to teach anything. If you learn something, I am happy. But I am not writing it to teach. With that said… here it goes…
I have reduced my “work-load” to the degree, that I now often find myself with nothing to do.

I responded by making a list of things to do when there is nothing to do. I think this is the first time for a list like that: my life has been busy. Until now. It is not that I could not do a thousand and one things to grow my business, make myself fit, enjoy myself: it is just not on the schedule, so they are not part of “what there is to do…”

So my place is still a wreck, I still have tons of stuff I would not want to take with me if I wanted to move, so there could be a lot of things to do, if I just put them on my list.

Instead of that, I bought a book to read; it passed my picky muscle test.

It’s a book about a teenager. WTF? What was I thinking? But I trust my muscle test, so I kept reading it. It didn’t make sense why I “had to” read it until the very end. The end was so unexpected, that I was jolted out of my calm, and into a turmoil.

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