What does they mean: ownership, deserving, and being equal to what life throws at you?

This is a long article… it explains some things everyone has misunderstood… and chances are, most will still misunderstand after reading this article…

As I have said before, one of the best ways to find out what a word REALLY means is to see how other languages say it.

Your vocabulary, your accurate vocabulary is the level of the truth value of your knowledge, of your thinking.

And judging from the puny numbers most people have for accurate vocabulary, you can take from sure that your understanding of the world, of reality, of what is being told to you, of what you read, is equally puny, equally pitiful.

I don’t know what you understood until you ask a question, and then I know why my amazing articles can’t, won’t make a dent, won’t do anything for you.

One of these words, owning, ownership is such a word.

If your accuracy is good about it, it is a transformative word. If it is what most people have… it makes no difference.
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