Is the Soul-Correction Workshop Stairway to Heaven?

Is the Soul-Correction Workshop Stairway to Heaven?

We’ll first need to distinguish all the elements of the above question, otherwise we are going to be like two trains passing each other: not on the same track.

Let me hold no secrets from you:
soul correction is at the root of you raising your vibration. Nothing else. You conquering, one-by-one your shadow…
So let’s look at the distinctions:
What is Soul-Correction? It’s a set of set behaviors and attitudes that are out of vibrational alignment with how it is, a distortion in perception of reality

What is a workshop? Workshops are interactive. There is no actual material delivered, except when some explanation of distinctions is necessary in order to understand what’s happening. In my workshops I coach participants publicly while others listen. I make it as interactive as I can, and I demand attention, at least raising your hand by pushing a button on your computer. If you join the workshop (webinar) from a phone or ipad, you can type “yes” when others raise their hands.

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