Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…

Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself… The two are not the same, depending on your current level of consciousness, and your current level of WORD to being, one will work, and not the other.

I, for example, don’t feel free. I am free. It doesn’t feel anything…

No feeling. Just doing what I need to do, feeling nothing in the way… blockage, resistance, reluctance, or fear.

I am free to be myself, free to express what I want to express the way I feel it’s the most effective, effortless and natural.

I curse, I sing-song, I laugh, I dramatize… I do what I deem effective at expressing what I want to express. I am fully and unabashedly with the people I am with, minutely tracking where they are at, where their listening is at, so I can be effective at being together. I have no rules, no morals, no niceness… If I am talking to you, I’ll be fully with you because that is the only way to talk to someone… all other ways are pretense, and I have no reason to pretend.
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