Being open is the hardest but most profitable ways to be

About a year ago I bought into a business coaching program where there are several calls a week with different coaches, and, for the most part, I think it is not a good program. Why?

I have been seeing that the coaches look at the program where their job is to say what they have to say… So when you really look there is a them and us, them and me separation… they are up there, and I am down here… and I have a few jobs: 1. admire them 2. participate if asked so they can sound even more awesome 3. if possible, talk only when what I have to say is ‘I bought this thing from this coach and it is awesome’ like a ‘witnessing’.

And the participants, about a hundred people, only want to hear what ‘the coaches’ have to say, like in a church. The coaches are the deity… and you are the whatever they call the true believers… I’ve never really been one. Maybe a little bit in Landmark Education?
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