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As you may know I am a student of Roy H. Williams, legendary advertising man from Texas. I subscribe to his Monday Morning Memo, and I open it with trembling hands every time: his message for the week is always perfect for me, except that I am not always ready for it… lol.

I spent this morning weeping, depressed, thinking about the movie I didn’t have the courage to watch last night. It is a French movie, The Well Digger’s Daughter, and I stopped watching it when the girl in the movie is going to be seduced and impregnated… I could not watch it. I could not bear the finality of the situation, the evilness of taking advantage of the ignorant, weak, and impressionable.

Of course I as soon as I finish this article, I’ll go and watch it, because, thanks to this email, hiding from what you need to be exposed is not going to serve me.

Whatever gold is hidden in that movie, I must dig it. And if I am lucky, it will help me hit bottom.

Confronting the underlying misery of your life is your number one job, if you ever want to be happy, joyful, peaceful, and have the future to be open to possibilities, really. Not pie in the sky daydreams, but for a real life with real challenges, with real work, with real relationships… life. Maybe Life.

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