How to fight the rise of evil, how to be untouched by it?

The rise of evil and what to do about it?
A student of mine sent me a link to a youtube video.

I put aside ego and watched it. The video was eye-opening.

It showed how someone’s worldview, value system can be shifted rapidly… within a few months or years. And how dangerous that is.

That the Trump era’s biggest accomplishment was/is that mass murder looks normal, and complimenting a woman on her dress or beauty looks outrageously aggressive, maybe even criminal.

That one character in the Harry Potter books, Remus, went to fight against the Dark Lord, the Dark hordes, and chose to left his pregnant wife home is the most horrid thing a character did in that saga.

Did you watch the video? Good… This article will attempt to knock you conscious (Just like the Big Bundle energy does!) and see what you can do in a world that has gone crazy.

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