What is consciousness? How does one explore the higher states of consciousness?

Experiencing higher states of consciousness… This has been the desire of millions of people. You have taken drugs, they have done seances, turned to sex, turned to racing, gambling.

Ordinary consciousness is not very attractive. Ordinary consciousness is boredom, sameness, or misery. It is also a kind of sleepwalking.

Life lived in ordinary consciousness is much like the life of the computer animated characters in the movie Matrix. They go about their tiny concerns unaware that they are a computer generated character in a computer generated reality.

It often occurs for me that our lives, our consciousness is quite accurately illustrated in that movie. You can’t reason with a computer animated character, especially if you want them to go somewhere outside of that animation: they can’t. It defines their reality and there is nothing accessible for them beyond it. That is all there is… other than desiring to experience higher states of consciousness, lol.

In my work with people, and my work has been with thousands, at least for the extent of one coaching conversation, I have learned about the “human condition”.

All my experiments are to reveal if it is possible for human being to be awakened, if human being can change its perception of reality, even for just a glimpse. After that glimpse there is a crack, an opening in the paradigm walls, and the higher, larger paradigm can be introduced.

So far no cigar, and the same can be said about the results of all the previous teachers that have tried. Buddha didn’t cause anyone to attain, the next person attained about seven hundred years after Buddha.

We call that glimpse of the larger higher paradigm attainment. Or enlightenment. A very rare phenomenon.

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